lördag 11 augusti 2018

This is a what!

This game is called, “This is a WHAT?!”

The purpose is for the students to practice intonation and vocabulary. I also try to put in items where you have to use plurals and singulars. For example – THESE ARE keyS or This IS A pen 

  • Choose 3 – 4 items around the class (or even vocabulary that you have been practicing in class).
  • Start with item 1 and ask the class what it is.
  • Turn to the student next to you and follow the conversation below.
Teacher: This is a book
Student A: A WhhhAAAAAAttt?!
Teacher: A book
Student A to Student B: This is a book
Student B: A WhhhAAAAAAttt?!
Student A: A book
Student B to Student C: This is a book
and so on and so on…

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