tisdag 12 mars 2019

Dice games

Dice Games Roll and Retell Apple for the Teacher

1. Use to check reading comprehensione and summarization skills. Use to discuss a story/ book you've just read.

2. So often when you ask kids to write a story, they say, “I don’t know what to write about!” Writing dice games like this one solve that problem in a totally cool way. Print and laminate this free printable from Where the Wild Things Learn and set it up at your writing station with some dice. There are so many possible combinations here that kids will be churning out novels in no time!

 Roll a Word

Dice Games Vocab Southern Fried Teaching
Dice games help spice up vocabulary practice, something many kids find dull. Set a list of words, then give each kid a die to roll. Based on the number, they do one of the following for each word:
1: Give a definition
2: Give a synonym & antonym
3: Write a sentence
4: Draw a picture
5: Make a connection
6: Your choice

How to give feed back

How to give feedback The checklist below will help you: Checklist  1. Do all sentences, people and places begin with a capital letter? ...