onsdag 23 januari 2019

a Movie report

Movie Report

Now, after watching the movie Pay it forward, you are going to write a movie report. The report should include the following things. (You should write the report as a flowing text, not as answers to 13 questions.)

1)    Title/Name of the movie
2)    What kind of movie is it? (Genre)
3)    For what kind of audience do you think it is for? Children/adults/teenagers/boys/girls etc.

4)    When and where does the movie take place?
5)    What is the movie about? What happens? (Plot)
6)    How does it end? Do you like the ending? Why? Is it a happy ending?
7)    Can this happen in real life? Is it realistic? What is and what is not?
8)    Describe the best and the worst scene.
9)    Who do you think is the bad guy? Why?

10)  Describe at least one of the main characters. (Looks/feelings/relations/lifestyle)

11)  What does the movie maker want to “say” with the movie? (Is there a message?)

Personal opinion
12)  Do you like the movie? Why/why not?
13)  Would you recommend others to see it? Why/ Why not?

söndag 13 januari 2019

9b w. 2-8

 w. 2
 w. 3
 Let's start with The Republic of Ireland
1. Take the Quiz p. 38
2. Listen and find out if your answers are correct.

1.Powerpoint grammar Quiz: Do vs Make
2. Kahoot: Do vs Make
3. Limerick Treasure Trove, p.40-41, read it and do the after reading, 1 and 2
4. workbook p. 31
5. Glosor.eu: Limerick treasure trove
 w. 4
  Across the Emerald Isle
5. Wb p. 32-33
6. words to the text
1. GrammarPowerpoint: grammar Quiz
2. kahoot grammar: subject verb agreement
3. https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-9/#/3-republic-of-ireland/across-the-emerald-isle/grammar-track-
4. Phrases

 w. 5
1. Saint Patrick's day a listening comprehension + worksheet

2. Tb p 45 Irish celebs and authors: a listening comprehension
2. Tb: England and Ireland A timeline p. 46-47https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-9/#/3-republic-of-ireland/a-timeline/listen
3. wb p. 34-35 A and B
4.irish facts
5. the map of Ireland
1.words: https://glosor.eu/ovning/england-and-ireland-a-timeline.8813922.html
2. wb. p 140-143: ing-form
Fun facts about Ireland:
Plugga inf provet!!
 w. 6

Plugga inf Provet!!
Ireland kahoot
Irish kahoot

x-tra: http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/magazine/life-around-world/ireland-facts-myths
 Prep for test
 w. 7
Test: The republic of Ireland
Happy valentine
Speed chatting!!!
 w. 8

måndag 7 januari 2019

My 2019 in five pictures

Bildresultat för bild nyår 2019

My 2019 in five pictures
1. Choose FIVE PICTURES/PHOTOS that say something about your 2019. (People, places, hobbies, pets, trips, events...)
2. Make a google presentation where you include your five pictures (one/slide). You can use pictures only or, if you wish, add keywords. No full sentences!
3. Prepare a 5-10 minute presentation about your 2019. Make sure that you explain WHY you chose these photos and tell us about what the photo represents - what does it tell us about your year?
Some questions that you can use for ideas:
- What made you happy this year?
- What was your greatest adventure?
- What was the hardest thing this year?
- What was your birthday like?
- What did you do that you have never done before?
- I spent too much time doing this. (How will you change it?)
- What did you learn or improve in?
- What did you care about a lot?
- What is your best piece of advice for next year?

How to give feed back

How to give feedback The checklist below will help you: Checklist  1. Do all sentences, people and places begin with a capital letter? ...