söndag 13 januari 2019

9b w. 2-8

 w. 2
Welcome back, I hope you've experienced a lot of Christmas joy! The new year 2021 has just begun, let us reflect on the year 2020 and perhaps think about the year.

NewsReel: Annual review

 w. 3
 Let's start with The Republic of Ireland
1. Take the Quiz p. 38
2. Listen and find out if your answers are correct.

1.Powerpoint grammar Quiz: Do vs Make
2. Kahoot: Do vs Make
3. Limerick Treasure Trove, p.40-41, read it and do the after reading, 1 and 2
4. workbook p. 31
5. Glosor.eu: Limerick treasure trove
 w. 4
  Across the Emerald Isle
5. Wb p. 32-33
6. words to the text
1. GrammarPowerpoint: grammar Quiz
2. kahoot grammar: subject verb agreement
3. https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-9/#/3-republic-of-ireland/across-the-emerald-isle/grammar-track-
4. Phrases

 w. 5
1. Mindmap
2. Tb: England and Ireland A timeline p. 46-47https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-9/#/3-republic-of-ireland/a-timeline/listen
3. wb p. 34-35 A and B
4.irish facts
5. the map of Ireland
1.Tb p 45 Irish celebs and authors: a listening comprehension
2. words: https://glosor.eu/ovning/england-and-ireland-a-timeline.8813922.html
2. wb. p 140-143: ing-form
Fun facts about Ireland:

 w. 6

Plugga inf Provet!!
Saint Patrick's day a listening comprehension + worksheet
Ireland kahoot
Irish kahoot
Kahoot: intermediate vocab: gap fill
kahoot: synonyms
x-tra: http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/magazine/life-around-world/ireland-facts-myths
IL Competition

An English competition during the lesson! Don't forget to bring your computer and charger!!

Break a leg!! Go 9B go!!!

 w. 7
Prep for test:

Test: The republic of Ireland
 w. 8

English from the beginning w.11-18

 the plan 11  Reading Rockets + vocab practice  Step   Top Up or  Upptäck orden 12 ...