tisdag 29 oktober 2019

8b week 45-51

week                                               Tuesday                                                      Thursday
Health theme
1. Intro: 
2. Intro arbetsområde – Mål och tidsplan
3.Skriv 2 spalter under tiden du lyssnar:
Fyll i exempel: Exercise + Health
4. Ljudfil: Fit and healthy for life
5.Talk: Odd word out p. 38:1
6. Textförståelse: After reading p. 42:10
7.Words: What’s the word? P. 39:4
8. glosor.euconfessions-of-an-exercise-addict.

Uppstart: How exercise affect your brain (05:36)



Mindmap from the work we did before you went out to Prao

Text: Confessions of an Exercise Addict



1) After reading: Confessions of an Exercise Addicts p. 43:11
2) Words: The body parts p. 39:5
3) Listen: Good morning, Hampshire! p. 52:27
Text: Healthy Snacks
New words
1) After reading: Healthy Snacks p. 44:12
2) Words: Create a crossword p. 38:3
3) Write: An action plan p. 58:43

1. Text - Meditation – Better than Pain Killers
2. Try it – YWA Classroom Meditation (6:50)
3. British Council worksheet:
Talk – A generation of couch potatoes
Lesson plan

4. Board game: Let's talk health

Meditation to start your day (7 min)

Write in Classroom: Blog post or Article about Exercise, Sleep, Nutricious Food, Stress regulation

How to write an informative text:
How to write a Blog post

Write on..
Write on and finish your work
Reading + quiz: Catching a cold

Text: Skin

1) After reading: Skin p. 46:14
2) Words: Missing words p. 40:6
Film    Betygssnack
Film    Betygssnack

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