söndag 8 april 2018

språkval 8:an

Week: 15
Listening comprehension: plastic money
  1. Listen to a dialogue and answer a worksheet
  2. Do the vocabulary task
  3. Read the transcript together or individually 
Desperados episode 8.
A worksheet with some question to the episode.

week: 16
  • Read theory: The Incredible Machine

Thursday: Time to bring your own material

Desperados episode 9
Worksheet to the episode

Week 17
Top Up chapter 11, Breakfast time

  • Listen to the text
  • Read the text individually or in pair
  • practice the words: Breakfast time
  • Do exercises 11 A-F
Time to bring your own material to the lesson. 

Write a summery on Desperados, 1-10, approximately half to one page. Best of Luck!

week 18
Thursday: make sure to be done with your summary

week 19
Tuesday: Top up The big country

Week 20:
Tuesday: Finish the Big country
Thursday: Bring your English work to class

Week 21
Tuesday: News reel and a worksheet

Thursday: bring your own material to class.

Friday: chose a book to read, make a word list to that book and every chapter you read. Discuss in pairs.

week 22
Tuesday: newsreel: worksheet:

Thursday: Bring your own English to class


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