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9B Spring 2018

Hi and Welcome back to a new term: Spring term 2018!! wow! The last one  before high school!

I hope you've had a great holiday with a lot of joy, laughter, sharing and porridge... hihi
A new term, new posibilities and new knowledge to conquer. Exiting times!!! 

week 2
Let's start with The Republic of Ireland

1. Take the Quiz p. 38
2. Listen and find out if your answers are correct.
3. Limerick Treasure Trove, p.40-41, read it and 
do the after reading, only 1 & 2. 
3. Workbook p. 31
4. Words to the text

week 3 
Across the Emerald Isle

  1. p. 42-44, 
  2. workbook p 32-33
  3. words to the text
  4. Are you done? Do the After reading p.44 in your textbook

Monday morning:

  • Grammar
  • The history of Ireland
  • Power Point



  • Irish Celebs and Authors: Listen and find out about the people on the picture.
  • England & Ireland - A Timeline, p 46-47
Week 4

  • Workbook: A, B p. 32
  • Do the after reading, be ready to present in class. 
  • words to the chapter
  • Present your work to the class on Friday

Presentations about Ireland

The legend of Oisini and Niamh

  • Read the text and practise the words , p 48-51
  • Do number 1 of the after reading p 51 
  • Do A check yor reading p 37 in your workbook
  • B and C page 38
  • D Listen, together in class

Finish the chapter that we started working on last week... 
Time to rehearse to the upcoming test on Ireland


kongruens p.157-159

Week 9

Hi and welcome back to school! I hope your holidays were enjoyable and without further ado let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor: 

Before the holiday you had the best of times watching the first of the Hunger Games. We didn't have much time discussing it, so let's start this week with a movie talk and some worksheets to fill in. 

Week 10

Monday: Today's lessons will be about images: Together in pairs you will take turns in describing a picture for your friend to draw on a piece of paper.

Talk about the previous test and interrogate today's homework.

Week 11-16 Preparing for the NP

NP prep: Listening Listening skills: Environmental News

Np prep: Listening: Think twice

Week 12
Np prep: Reading: Small talk

Wales and Young and free

Week 13
NP B (2013)

Week 15
Monday: Reading

Power Point
Check over the resent reading comprehension

Week 16
Monday: NP Writing
A letter to connect

How to write an essay
NP prep writing
Our time - My story

week 17
Monday: time to rehearse and go over some grammar/spelling mistakes.

  • We will start off with comparing tree texts (from different levels) to each other and learn how to improve our own writing.  
  • Swap drafts with your friend and correct each others. Look out for any spelling/grammar mistakes and try to help your friend improve his/her text by using idioms, linking words or simply synonyms..

                                                                                                   May the horse be with you..
Expressing opinion


Using Transition words:

Complete the sentence:

Tricky words:

Extra, Difficult words: https://quizlet.com/_4qb3ql

Another listening comprehension: https://urskola.se/Produkter/203776-Newsreel-2018-02-24 and take the following Quiz

  • Visit the following link and practice some grammar called conjunctions


Week 20
The Future,tb, p 106
The future and A London school project

  • Listen
  • check your reading  
  • grammar track
  • practice the words


week 21

  1. Is anything possible
  2. Words 
  3. Check your reading 1 and 2
  4. Phrases 
  5. Grammar track 

week 23
Speed chatting

Tips prommenad

Crossing the line: 

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The Republic of Ireland, prep for test!!

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