måndag 8 januari 2018

8B Spring 2018

Hi and Welcome back to a new term: Spring term 2018!! 

I hope you've had a great holiday with a lot of joy, laughter, sharing and porridge... hihi
A new term, new posibilities and new knowledge to conquer. Exiting times!!! 

week 2. 
Before the holiday we were working with Scotland and Wales, so let us finish what we've started. 

Week 49

  • Me & My Country: Young Focus
  1. Listen to the text
  2. Workbook:  A, B, C (p. 34-36) 
  3. Practise the words on https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-8/#/3-scotland-wales
  4. grammar p.117 & 118 in your workbook

  • The Legend of Brave Gelert

  1. Read the text p. 36-38
  2. Practise the words: https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-8/#/3-scotland-wales
  3. Workbook p. 38-39, A:Check your reading, B & C 
  4. Grammar track
  • Scottish & Welsh Icons, Picture this!

Week 3
  • Picture This & samrättning av övningarna
  • Tid till repetition
Test on Scotland & Wales

Week 4

  • finish "så ska det låta"
Week 5

läxförhör och uttal

phone missing, p 40-41
workbook A, B and C p 41-42

week 6
Teen Life 

  • What do you think? p 42, take 10 min to discuss number 1 together in pairs. 
  • Then Do number 2 together with two other classmates. 

workbook p. 44-

  1.  A Check your reading,
  2. B crossword 
  3. C: two, to & too 
  4. D now you're talking
Week 7
Listening exercise
Keep working with the chapter, Another silly excuse

Week. 9

Week 10

My first date, p. 50-51, textbook
After reading
Workbook A-E

Week 11 and 12

Homework: words
Generation app p. 52-55 in textbook
Workbook A & D, p. 55-56
Check your reading and grammar: https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-8/#/4-teen-life
words to the chapter: https://glosor.eu/ovning/generation-app.8135718.html

Priscilla and the wimps
Words to the chapter: https://glosor.eu/ovning/priscilla-and-the-wimps.8135416.html
After reading
https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-8/#/4-teen-life/priscilla-and-the-wimps/  Phrases and check your reading
Adjective p. 132-133 in your workbook

rehearse for the upcoming test!

Week 15:
Juno: Teenage Pregnancy
A and B. Pre-viewing activities

words to the movie Juno

Week 16
Thursday: Movie watching

Friday: Post-viewing/ discussing the movie

Week 17
Post-viewing activities/ discussing

Writing a film review on Juno using a pen and a piece of paper
1 In the film, Juno writes Vanessa a note:
Imagine that, instead of a note, she decided to write her an email, explaining her decision. Write about 100 words.

2 Imagine that you’ve had a baby/your girlfriend has had a
baby. Write an email to a friend, telling him/her what it is
like to be a teenage mother/father.

Week 18
Bloodline chapter 1-2
and a worksheet

Week 20:
Bloodline chapter 3 
book talk and continue with your worksheets

Week 21: 
Bloodline chapter 4-5
Hearing comprehension

Read bloodline

Children vs athletes
a worksheet
book talk

adjective; komparering

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