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Ted Talks a questionnaire 9B week 49

Ted Talks: The Key to Living to a 100 or beyond…

1.       Women live longer than men…
A: Yes                              B: No
        But there is a place in the world were both men and women live just as long…


           What is so special with this place?
A: The air is so clear      B: tightly spaced houses      C: doctors working there are skilled

      What factor, according to Susan Pinker, is our generations biggest health risk?
A: Hypertension             B: Social isolation             C: our genes
5.       What is the key to live to a hundred or beyond?
A: Taking care of yourself        B:  having people to talk with     C: move to the country

6.       What happens when we interact with each other in face to face contact?
A: We get oxytocin    B: we get adrenaline        C: we get vitamins

7.       Women live life longer since they:

A: They don’t           B: They are better in taking care of themselves                            

C:  They have more face to face meetings

Words :
Intriguing: fängslande
Longevity: livslängd
Centenarians: 100 åringar
Virtue: dygd, förtjänst
Density: massa, tröghet
Shutters: fönsterlucka
Gregarious: sällskapssjuk
Sourpuss: surkart
Crimp: lock, våg
Despair: förtvivlan
Sentient: kännande, förnimmande

Decline: nedgång/fall

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