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8B w 2-8

                 Tuesday                                                        Wednesday
Welcome back, I hope you´ve experienced alot of Christmas joy! The new year 2019 has just begun, let us reflect on the year 2018 and perhaps think about the year.

My 2018 in five pictures

Work on your presentation!
In the next following weeks we will learn more about Australia: A power point presentation about its history
 Present your 2018 Jag kommer att kalla er grupp i turordning medan temaarbetet Australien rullar. 

1. true or false
workbook p. 78
2. Listen and find out how many correct answers you have
3. who vs which: wb 122 worksheet

1. Gör start: Listen to the movie as and complete the worksheet.

  1. If you're done: se extramaterial från föregående vecka. 
1. start with reading the facts
2. the average Aussie
3 Ned Kelly
if you're done.  Pick one of the facts and learn more. Write a short text about it. Ali is best.

2. Läs om flaggan på länkarna: 

3. Svara på frågorna kring flaggorna i häftet (s.1 Australia). 

4. Right or wrong:  
p. 17 (övn. 13+15) (2nd) 
5. Jobba med grammatik: 
Genitiv p. 119-121  

Extra, fakta Australien: 

w. 6
    1. Spela upp sången: 

    1. Waltzing Matilda Second Time TB p. 12-13 (I häftet) 
    3.Second Time WB p. 12-13 (finns i häftet) 

    1. Korsord Waltzing Matilda 

    1. Grammatik: 
    Nouns p. 116-117 WB 

    1. Read about the song: https://australianyarns.wordpress.com/waltzing-matilda-australias-national-song/ 

    1. Glosor: 

  1. Aboriginernas historia: 

  1. The stolen generation: 

  1. Botany Bay s. 14-15 (2nd time el i häftet) 

  1. Glosor till Botany Bay  find the synonym - https://glosor.eu/ovning/glosor-australien-2.4024292.html 


Extra läsning: 
Plugg inf prov


                                                                                                                                                 Aussie legends:   http://sacred-texts.com/aus/mla/index.htm

Finished and have nothing to do? Visit youtube and search for David Tammet or other savants , people with extraordinary abilities. Write down some keywords or text and be ready to declare to the class what you've descovered. 

Week 45-
We have worked with pushing our limits and the senses, let's move on to our fantastic body as we work with the theme health. What does health means? There is fysical aswell as mental health, or lack of it. In the textbook p 22 we will learn about our fantastic body.

After reading in the textbook, p24
Workbook: D and E, p 20. 

 Health, Wellbeing or the lack of it... 

Freaky foods... 
Work in pairs. Read one article individually so that you together cover both of them. Look at Ted talks. Make a summary of the article and make a wordlist. 



Thursday : 

Talk about the articles you have read, in groups. I will listen to two groups at a time. The rest of the class will work with Lyrics training while they wait to discuss the articles... 

Visit Lyrics training and choose:

  • Beat it -Michael Jacsson
  • We are the champions - Queen
  • practise the words to the chapter

Ted talks:

Mål: efter att ha arbetat med temat ska eleven:
  • kunna ta till sig fakta ur en populärvetenskaplig text och kort redogöra för dem. 
  • ha ett utökat ordförråd så att man kan prata om kroppen och dess funktioner.  

Week 47- 

Theme: Countries 

Focus on Scotland & Wales:

Mål: Efter att ha arbetat med Skottland och Wales ska eleven: kunna mer om länderna, som delar av Storbritannien. Bättre kunna lyssna sig till fakta, även där olika dialekter talas. Ha ett uttökat ordförråd för att kunna berätta om Skottland och Wales. Kunna stava och veta skillnaden mellan några ord som lätt blandas ihop. 
Bildresultat för skottlands flagga
  1. Listen and answer to the Questions on page 28.
  2.  https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-8/#/3-scotland-wales  choose: Welcome to Scotland: Listen to the text, (p 30-31in your textbook), check your reading and grammar track:
  3. Workbook: A, B,C;D, F 
  4. Listening: G, together in class 
When you're done with the exercise go to Lyrics training: Choose :
from Scotland
  • Travis-Sing
  • Rod Stewart- I am sailing
  • Simple Minds- Don't you forget about me
Are you done with all of the above? 

Week 48
Förhör läxan

Welcome to Wales
Visit https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-8/#/3-scotland-wales and do 1-4

  1. Listen to the text
  2. Check your reading 
  3. Grammar track
  4. Practise the words
  1. Workbook: A,D,E
  2. Listening:F together
  3. p.127 relativa pronomen, A, B (Who/which)

Are you done? Visit Lyrics training: 
From Wales: 
  • Daffy: Mercy, 
  • Shirley Bassey: Goldfinger/ Love story(where do I begin), Diamonds are forever, 
  • Manic Street Preachers- if you Tolerate this your children will be next
Kända ramsor:

Week 49

Young Focus
Listen to the text
Workbook:  A, B, C
Practise the words on https://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-8/#/3-scotland-wales

Week 2

Hello and Welcome back to a new term: Spring term 2018!! wow!

I hope you've had a great holiday with a lot of joy, laughter, sharing and oats... hihi
A new term, new posibilities and new knowledge to conquer. Exiting times!!! 

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