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7B Tuesday & Thursday week 39-51


Finish the exercises to the chapter Dying for Adventure 


Beware of the Tide! 

Read the text and do the after reading, p.26. 

Practise the words to the chapter on glosor.eu.


A, B, C, D, F and G

p.126, 134 A, B, F

When you're done visit https://lyricstraining.com and choose Adele Halo. 

                                                       // Mikaela


The Human Touch
Animal Magic

Read the text in class. 

Do the after reading p.38

Practice the word on Glosor.eu


A,B, C, E 1-3.

Listening D


Do you think it is ok to have animals in circuses? 

Do you think it is ok to eat animals(meat)?  

Do animal lovers live life healthier/feeling more relaxed/ happier? 

Can a pet or animal be a good friend?

Week 43.

The listening exercise D p. 28
Listening F p. 30 
H. Phrases to learn p.31

Creatures Great and small
Read the the text p. 40-43

Workbook p 32-
A, B, C, D, E, 

week 45: 

Listen to a story... Grab&Go number 1

  1. Listen
  2. Write Keywords
  3. Create sentences of your keywords that is similar to the story
  4. Put every sentence at the right place to create a story.
  5. Read the story to each other and compare it to the original...

Week 46

Mål: efter att ha arbetat med kapitlet ska eleven: ha ett utökat allmänt ordförråd. Ha utökad kännedom om England som en del av Storbritannien. Ha fått träning i att lyssna och anteckna fakta/skaffa sig information genom att lyssna och anteckna. Ha kännedom om några skillnader i stil mellan bloggspråk och mer vårdat vardagligt språk. Ha fått träning i att ta fram information ur broschyrtexter och faktablad. 

Theme: English Speaking countries...

Focus on England 

  1. Take the Quiz 
  2. Read p 52-55 together in pairs.

  1. Words, visit glosor.eu

  2. workbook p. 38-40 A, B, C, D, E; 
  3. workbook p. 109, a/an
  4. workbook p. 132- (the present perfect tense): A-C
  5. Workbook p.42-43, picture this
  1. Very English indeed, a hearing exercise on p 56 and the following task on that very same page
                Keep up the hard work...

week: 47

Keep on working with the chapter in your workbook

An English Quiz

week 48
Bonfire Night


  1. Listen to the text and practise the words
  2. Check your reading 
  3. Phrases & Grammar track
  4. workbook: A and E p.44-46
  5. Grammar: 120-122 Is/are, was/were, Have/has

Listening C Grace Darling, together  

Week 49
Focus on the US, p. 92

Mål : efter att ha arbetat med kapitlet ska eleven ha: 

  • utökat sitt ordförråd
  • ha utökad kännedom om USA
  • Kunna säga och diskutera om man håller med eller ej om påståenden om USA och Sverige.
  • ha tränat sig i att lyssna
Go to : http://webbapp.liber.se/focus-on-english-7/#/7-focus-on-us

  1. Listen to the text
  2. Do the check your reading
  3. Phrases
  4. Grammar track 1 & 2, 
  5. work in pairs of  2-3 and take turns in telling each other about one or more place(s) in the US where you would like to go, you may use the textbook p. 94-95 when you talk. Take at least 5-10 minutes to talk.
week 50
TuesdayDo a quiz on USA
Talk in your groups about what is typically American, British and Swedish?


  1. There is/ it is
  2. Genitive s workbook 113
  3. Write me a postcard when you're in USA or England.

irregular verbs

s: genitiv, plural och 3dje person 
was/were ,has/have, is/are

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