måndag 4 september 2017

Tuesday 7b and Thursday

Good morning 

Start with:

2. Work in pairs: 
    What Next? Read the texts on page 14-16 in the Textbook. Discuss in your group what you think could have happened next? Write down your own answers. 

Thursday & Tuesday

1. How Embarrassing p 18-19

2. Do the after reading p. 19. 

3. Practise the words on p. 18-19  https://glosor.eu/ovning/how-embarrassing.7445935.html 

4. Workbook 
    Words to learn p.7 Vocabulary C

5.Check your reading A, p. 10

6. Vocabulary C, p. 12

7. Working with words - synonyms D, p. 13

8. Fun And Games, Workbook p. 9

9. Fun & Games, p. 13

I am going to listen to you when you talk about the text The Watchman in smaller groups. 

                                                                // Mikaela

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